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In this dentist office testimonial, Leigh explains what she loves about Dr. Krendl, his team, and his dental office. Leigh's children also visit our dental practice, even though some of them live out of town now. She really loves how friendly the staff is and how much they care about her family.

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My name is Leigh and I'm a patient of Dr. Krendl. We moved back here a couple of years ago and we were looking for a family physician and we reached out to Dr. Krendl. My family and I have been visiting Dr. Krendl for about two years. Now, everyone needs a nice smile and the self-confidence, and so that's what we want in a dentist, a family dentist, someone where we can get in when we need to. We don't have an easy schedule with our family. You know, kids are coming and going, canceling, rescheduling, but they've always been great with the staff of getting in. Anything that needs to be repaired, fixed, easy to get in, get it done, and move right out. It's been great. The kids trust him. And they're away, my son's in the military, my daughter's away at college. And so, when I stepped in this morning, I'm making an appointment for them when they're in just to make sure that they have the cleaning that mama wants. The thing I love about the staff is every time I call, they always pick up. They're friendly. They remember my name. They remember the kids. They ask about them, where they are. The location is fantastic. And when you walk in the office, it's nice and bright and it's very modern. I love it. The thing I like the most about this office, Dr. Krendl's office, is the staff and how polite they are. If I see them on the street, they know who I am. They always ask about how we are, our family, and that means a lot. They're part of our family. And again, from one family to another, we trust them quite a bit.

Dr. Steven Krendl

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