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Are you dealing with jaw pain, persistent headaches, or a sore jaw? You may have TMJ disorder.

Dr. Steven Krendl diagnoses and treats TMJ disorder to relieve pain and significantly improve your quality of life.

Find out how we've helped patients throughout Littleton, CO, alleviate their symptoms once and for all...

What Is TMJ Disorder?

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Short for temporomandibular joint, TMJ is a tiny joint below each ear where your jaw meets the skull. If this joint becomes misaligned or inflamed, patients have TMD (temporomandibular disorders). This can cause a host of uncomfortable symptoms and requires diagnoses and treatment from a dental professional for long-term relief.

The Life-Changing Benefits of TMJ Treatment

Pain Relief

Issues with the temporomandibular joint can cause uncomfortable symptoms that impact your everyday life. If you're tired of headaches and sore muscles, or you have difficulty opening or closing your mouth, TMJ treatment can drastically improve your symptoms and help you feel better.

Protect Oral Health

TMJ can lead to oral health issues such as tooth decay, worn-out or cracked teeth, and joint damage. Treating TMJ early is essential to protecting your health and preventing more severe problems from occurring in the future.

Improved Quality of Life

TMJ affects every area of your life. You may have trouble chewing, wake up tired from a night of clenching your jaw, or be unable to focus at work due to neck pain. At our Littleton dental practice, we are committed to helping patients get their lives back.

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Understanding Symptoms of TMJ and TMD

Temporomandibular disorders can easily be misdiagnosed, so we highly encourage patients to request a consultation with a dentist such as Dr. Krendl to uncover the cause of their pain. He uses x-rays and other dentistry tools to examine your mouth and jaw to provide an accurate diagnosis. Common symptoms of TMJ and TMD may include:

  • Jaw pain
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Difficulty closing or opening the mouth
  • Neck and shoulder pain
  • Earaches

Common Treatments for Temporomandibular Disorders

Reducing Stress

If TMJ disorder is caused by chronic stress, Dr. Krendl can suggest stress-reduction techniques to help you stop clenching your teeth and tightening your muscles.

Fix Misalignment

For patients with misalignment, our Littleton practice offers Invisalign to improve your bite, position your teeth in the optimal position, and alleviate symptoms of TMD.

Oral Appliances

In some cases, a nightguard is necessary to prevent teeth grinding at night. This helps stabilize the joints and lessen the amount of pressure placed on the jaw.

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